Simple project management for async teams
So you know what’s going on, without endless Zoom calls.
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Save meeting time with project updates

Keep stakeholders in the loop with blog-style updates, so you can spend your meetings on problems and strategy, rather than sharing status.

Gmail inbox showing project update email Project updates showing title and author avatar
Discussion threads
Keep track of discussions with threads

Use forum-style discussion threads so you don’t miss important conversations in Slack.

Share and discover with project pages

With all project info and links in one place, you’ll never waste time searching for things again.

Project title and description Project meta including status and target end date
Task items
Simple tasks to
stay organised

Spend more time doing, and less time organising, with per-project task lists.

James in the sun

Hi 👋 I’m James,

I built Macro because I needed a simple way to run projects asynchronously.

I was spending too much time in meetings, and finding it tough to keep up with Slack messages. 😩

Macro solved this for me by providing a single place for my projects, with key info, links, and discussions, all in one place.

I hope you find Macro as useful as I have. 🙂

- James Long

I already use Trello, Asana, Monday... how is this different?

Those are great tools! The difference between them and Macro is that they’re focused around tasks, but they aren’t designed to help you understand the bigger picture. The result? You spend a lot of meeting time sharing context, rather than discussing the important stuff like problems and strategy.

Macro is project focused rather than task focused, so you can quickly understand which projects are active, who’s working on them, and whether they’re on track.

As well as tasks, every project in Macro contains a description, key links, discussion threads, and blog-style project updates, so you can run entire projects, asynchronously, all in one place. 💪

Who would be a good fit for Macro?

If you want to spend less time in Zoom, Macro is a good fit.

If you have people in different time zones, Macro is a good fit.

If you want something simple and consistent across all teams, Macro is a good fit.

How much does Macro cost?

Macro is currently free and in open beta. We expect to charge a flat fee of roughly $49/month per company on full public launch (Q3 2022). 🚀

Spend less time in meetings, and more time doing
Give Macro a try No credit card required